It is my pleasure to connect with you!

You all did so well in the Breath Empowerment, it was amazing and beautiful. I am certain you came away from the You First retreat with life changing shifts, realizations and new tools (not to mention your powerful bond together for the journey you were on).

Thank you so much for your time, energy and presence. Speaking to passionate and women making an impact is truly a pleasure and a gift to me, and I would love to invite you to keep our connection going!

A few of you approached me asking about how I work with people. I offer both private channeling sessions and deep dive mentorship for those who desire to go deeper.

I have also put together a few gifts especially for you: 

1. Energy Clearing Toolkit
My clients often ask about the techniques I use to keep my energy clear. After a facilitating or attending an event with lots of people, I definitely need it (and you probably do too!) This energy clearing toolkit includes training videos with techniques you can use and apply in your life right away.

Download the Energy Clearing Toolkit here.

2. Live Online Channeling Experience 
Please be my guest and join us for the October 3 channeling experience – this is a LIVE monthly video call that happens once a month as a part of my paid community. If you can’t make it, it will be recorded, but you will need to sign up to receive the recording. These calls are always uplifting and people often share that they got the message they most needed to hear.

Sign up for the call here.