Interviews, Conversations and Channeled Recordings

Grace – On Waking Up 

Grace speaks about spiritual awakenings including her own awakening, her realizations and integration.

Osairah Talks About Channeling

Have you ever wondered why so many people seem to be channeling at this time in history? Osairah speaks to this.

Osairah – Keeping Your Vibration High

Osairah speaks about staying in your heart and keeping your vibration high.

Grace – My Journey To Channel

Grace speaks about her journey to becoming a channel.  Hear more about what the process was like.

Grace + Osairah – Extended Channeling Session

Grace channels Osairah as part of the monthly live channeling community calls. Many topics are discussed.

Do Soul Mates Exist?

Conversations with Cupid.  Oasirah talks about Soul Mates.

Chaneling Other Dimensions, Angels and Fairies

Osairah speaks about chanelling other dimensions, angels, fairies and so much more.

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