Private Sessions

Private Channeling Sessions with Grace

A private channeling session is a sacred experience that allows a completely intimate and multi-layered connection between you and the extraordinary energies that come through just for you.

Channeling sessions are not only informational and a source of confirmation, they are often profoundly healing and often a powerful activation. The clarity, insights and frequencies that come through are received and integrated on many levels.

Working with Grace in a private channeling session is beyond a psychic reading, it is a deep powerful awakening soul connection where you get to ask questions, be supported, get clarity and find a connection unlike anything you have ever experienced. These sessions are literally life changing in the very best ways.

“It’s like going from living in black and white to technicolor.”

It is difficult to put into words the depth of love and appreciation I have for Grace and the pure light channel she is.  I mean really, how do I summarize “Life Changing”?! A lifetime of challenges, questions, as well as deep intuitive feelings and knowings all came to light.  From my first session with her and the divine transmission of Osairah, it felt like coming home.


“Words can’t describe how valuable Grace & Osairah have been in directing me to all the answers & goodness I need most. I have been able to show up and better serve professionally & personally thanks to them. Osairah has become my go to for clarity & clear answers. They help shed light exactly where it’s needed most.”

“Osairah gave me insights to my own life journey, real information I can use to guide my own path. I came to realize that I was in the middle of a breakthrough and honestly, and I had the opportunity to break through to a deeper understanding, or drown in my pain. I am not one to drown in my emotions, and Osairah lovingly helped me to work through my feelings, right there on the call.”

“I experienced the most profound channeling today with Grace Cavanaugh. I have never experienced someone transmitting such high vibrational beings. I left there with a HEALING, not only a channeling. It was like light blasted me open and left me with all the knowingness of the universe. All I can say is WOW!”

Session Details

Private sessions are typically held via Zoom Video Calls. If you are the Los Angeles area and would like an in-person session please contact us about availability. There are two “in person” appointments available per week. Sessions in-person are very powerful, and the energy is a wonderful healing experience (though Skype sessions leave nothing lacking and transmit just as much).

Payment and Scheduling
All sessions are paid for in advance. You may pay for your session through the payment buttons below. Upon purchasing, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you will be able to schedule your appointment using the online booking calendar.

Bookings & Rates



***Payment is received by Stripe, PayPal, cash or check.  Beginning in 2018, sessions will no longer be recorded. You are welcome to bring a recording device or record the session on your smart phone. Recordings can be created by special request for a $35 admin fee. Please let Grace know in advance. Thank you so very much!