Client Testimonials

Grace is a gift to this world. Her channelings with Osairah and Mother Mary have profoundly impacted my life for the better. I do not know where I would be without the guidance and healing I received from Osairah ~ particularly in the months I met with Grace prior to launching my business! Grace’s sessions remind me why I’m here on Earth. They are a priceless treasure and I recommend her services to anyone ready to remember the essence of who they are.

Madeline Giles

Founder of ,

Grace has been my go to person when I really needed a higher perspective. My sessions with Grace channeling has been like a dream come true to have a connection with a love and a light that brings a sense of peace and redirects my purpose to serve with humility and commitment.  From every session I have had with Grace, I have received a transmission of a vibrational teaching from a realm that feels so familiar and piece by piece, I am remembering.  If you feel the call to work Grace, I recommend that you listen to yourself.  I’m so glad that I did!

Rochelle Schieck

Founder of ,

Grace’s ability to provide wisdom, knowledge and inspiration is phenomenal. She is generous with her gifts and provides a fertile ground for others around her to explore and nurture their gifts. Her healing was divine and the channels that she provides are no less than profound. As someone who has been in this field for decades, I can tell you she is a true blessing to the world. 
Dr. Kathy Gruver

Founder of ,

I heard  Grace on a podcast interview a few weeks before I contacted her for a session with Osairah. I was struggling with the reality of death and felt a strong call to contact her for a session.  My stepdaughter had recently made her transition and my beliefs and fears about death were “in my face”, I was in emotional pain and fear – I wanted some relief!

Before Melissa “left the planet”, my intellect had come to believe that there is no death, that the soul is still with us, just not in physical form. This sounded good to my mind, but I could not reconcile it with my heart. I missed Melissa, and became fearful of losing other family members. Some cultures celebrate death as a glorious experience of returning back to Source, why couldn’t I see Melissa’s passing, and the death experience, differently?

Osairah was compassionate and loving and helped me to understand  my fears and to reconcile the idea of death within my own heart, and also on an energetic level. After the session I felt a huge burden had been lifted from my heart and soul. 

Osairah also gave me insights to my own life journey, real information I can use to guide my own path. I came to realize that I was in the middle of a breakthrough and honestly, I felt it could go either way- I had the opportunity to break through to a deeper understanding, or drown in my pain. I am not one to drown n my emotions,  and Osairah lovingly helped me to work through my feelings, right there on the call.

I also came away with a new trust in the life process, a deeper understanding my soul’s purpose, my egoic self, and my place in the world. I can truly see that everything is unfolding perfectly.  All is well and all will be well.

I am in much appreciation for the service Osairah provides, through Grace Cavanaugh.  There are many ways and paths to find healing and growth, and I am happy to have Osairah’s loving energy available to me. I look forward to other sessions in the future.

Diana Cason

Author and Founder of ,

Working with Grace has served me greatly with my path of awakening. Our planet is waking up very quickly. There is so much out there. When you are going through this or any significant change, life can become confusing and overloading. Osairah has become my go to for clarity & clear answers. They help shed light exactly where it’s needed most.

Words can’t describe how valuable Grace & Osairah has been in directing me to all the answers & goodness I need most. I have been able to show up and better serve professionally & personally thanks to them. Thank you Grace for sharing you gift and thank you Osairah for being with us during this great shift!

Maleya Tran, C.HT.

Founder of ,

Certain channelers have fascinated me for years, and I’ve spent countless hours on YouTube watching incredible sessions with these people. Time and again they say astonishing things that feel not only true, but as if I’d always known these concepts, deep down.

My Reiki master, Katt Lowe told me about Grace Cavanaugh, who is a channel for a collective of twelve called Osairah. Grace also channels other masters, high beings of light, as well as Mother Mary.

Osairah is described as a family of light, which means that there are thousands of them.They are a collective group for higher consciousness, souls and beings, many of whom have incarnated and many who haven’t. At any given time as Grace is preparing to channel, twelve of them feel the call and come.

I have had private sessions with Grace and Osairah, as well as spending three incredible weekends with them in their psychic/channeling development workshop. I also attended the group channeling and even interviewed Grace/Osairah multiple times on my Youtube show.

The word that comes to mind is “magical.” Osairah transmits heartfelt messages of love and encouragement. I highly recommend a session with Grace and Osairah; it is life changing. A message from a private session with Osairah that continues to give me strength and conviction to stay on my path:

“You came here for your soul’s intentional purpose to expand, to know itself, to be the light of the crystal that you are. Remember that you are a beingness of eternal light, you are a beingness of God consciousness. You are innocence, an angel on this planet, embodying a physical body that you have come forth to be the fullness of that. Not to be hindered, laid down, put down, to be made less than in any shape, way, or form, but for you to stand into your empowerment.”

Marla Martenson

Author of "The Buddha Made Me Do It" (which features Grace and Osairah!) and Founder of ,

There simply are no words to describe what occurred in my session with Grace. Life Changing, these are my only thoughts. I have told of my experiences with Osairah and all the Light and Beings that come though her in channeling with so many of my friends and family. They too have had similar feelings and experiences. My adult son and sister have had the same “Life Changing” sessions…this is the best description. I cannot say enough and I am so grateful for these sessions and look forward to even more. Bless you Grace. For you are a blessing to so many.


Los Angeles

My husband and I had been struggling to communicate and empathize with one another, it has been an ongoing struggle of ours for years. We both had a session with Grace, and after we shared these sessions with each other, it was if we were finally able to ‘see’ each other again; we reunited in our essence.

I finally feel that we are operating in a frequency that is a deep spiritual love and appreciation for each others’ being; patterns were explained at a spiritual level, and tangible ways to break free from these unhealthy patterns were suggested.

Energy was shifted. Truly there is no traditional therapy that could have given us this gift. The session with Grace and Osairah has literally shifted everything in my life. I walked around in pure bliss for weeks after my session with her, and I’m pretty sure now that this is just a new normal! Thank you!

Kelly Simon

PhD , Los Angeles

I scheduled a channeling session with Grace at the recommendation of my daughter. It was an incredible experience. Grace is a beautiful, smart, caring woman who took time to explain her personal journey and what to expect during the session.

When ready Grace entered a trance like state and Osairah came forward. My experience felt like a transmission, as if I was IMPRINTED with the wisdom they were giving, wisdom of their deep abiding love for me and that personal responsibility is our gift.

I have previously had two past life experiences, one in South Dakota and the other vacationing in Scotland. I believed upon visiting those places I had been there before and had experienced something dramatic. During my session with Grace Osairah revealed to me 4 past lives, one having taken place in South Dakota and the other in Scotland and both matched my own previous musings. I was stunned.

I was with Osairah for an hour and half and there were numerous present life incidences mentioned by Osairah that could not have been known including something that had taken place the day before.

I so am grateful to Grace for her willingness to walk this path and to Osairah for their gifts and help. I recommend a session to anyone seeking transformation in their lives.

Pamela Nichols Galle

Charleston, SC

Grace, Thank You for all the wonderful help! Meeting with you and Osairah was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Though, I am not sure why, I continue to be surprised when the answers to what has brought me for a session come out without my having to ask a single one. The information may not be presented in linear fashion. One just needs to be open to seeing the big picture as to how the information relates to all that is being experienced. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees given are humanness. As Osairah talked I had many “Aha” moments pulling me back from the focus on the daily being, to the focus of what we have all come to accomplish.

Thanks again, for all the wonderful work you do!
Much Love, Healing and Light


Los Angeles

Sitting down, having a nice chat with Osairah brought me insurmountable knowledge and awareness that no book, lecture, documentary or human to human conversation could have done. I say “knowledge and awareness” as the broader definitions of having my perceptions of Life changed. Due to the knowledge I attained in a matter of minutes during the session. Imagine that, life long questions like, Why am I here? or What happens when I die? answered; one cannot describe the serenity in the awareness that comes with knowing those answers.

C.P. V.

Santa Monica

Grace, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the heartfelt and timely reading today.  I have been really searching for the meaning of what is happening right now in my life.  Their message was perfectly clear to me, and has given me a lift beyond my greatest expectations.  So simple, yet so completely profound and able to grasp.  They even went so far as to mention specific people to contact who could be healing for me, one of which I already had an appointment with in a few weeks.  Talk about confirmation from a higher realm!  Thank you for your profound spiritual work, making a bridge for us to connect with the higher, vitally important messages so necessary for growth and guidance.  Amazing.


Los Angeles

I experienced the most profound channeling today with Grace Cavanaugh.   I have never experienced someone transmitting such high vibrational beings. I left there with a HEALING, not only a channeling. It was like light blasted me open and left me with all the knowingness of the universe. All I can say is WOW!  I love the divine feminine aspect of her and the beings she channels are INCREDIBLE. Very high vibrational 5th, 9th and 11th dimension beings. It’s definitely worth a session, she is now my go-to person for work in the realms of channeled guidance.  I just love Grace’s Beings!

Taylor E.

Los Angeles

Grace no words can truly explain what happened this weekend. I’m still in awe over it.  We are changed forevermore, witnessing miracle after miracle.  I feel so honored to be apart of this. I feel different –good different. Blessed on so many levels. It feels as though Osairah, the ultimate Lords of healers and karma came and swept us clean.  Thank you for such a magical miraculous experience I will never forget this.

Heather A.


My husband and I have seen Grace together a couple of times now, and we have both received messages that have truly changed our lives for the better. I’m so happy my husband was able to hear the wonderful messages to him, and it really resonated within him and answered some questions he struggled with. And of course I learned some incredible things about myself and my own journey (as well as ours together) that I could not have gotten without Grace, Osairah, and the Divine Mother’s help. What an amazing, healing gift Grace has! I have since bought a book on meditation and I’m going to make a real effort for the
first time to exercise my own abilities for inner knowledge. I just can’t possibly express how life changing these messages were for us both! I can’t wait to see Grace and Osairah again!

Lynnsey G.

Los Angeles

For our session, Grace and I video skyped because I had not had time to see her when I was in LA. I got to sit on my own bed & chat with her, more than 3000 miles and two time zones away! The distance, however, did nothing to diminish the magic that was our session, though—I’d say it probably enhanced it. Channeling the Divine Mother, Grace spoke words of pure love, helping me to remember my heart and my soul’s true perspective on this planet. I continue to listen to and enjoy the session we had, and I am deeply looking forward to the next session. Grace is a being of pure love and light, and a joy to interact with on any level. She gave me practical tips regarding what kind of salt to use in my baths (!), and like I said, spending time with her as she channeled the Divine Mother was pure magic and love. I cannot recommend a session with her highly enough. Run, don’t walk, to the phone to schedule your time with Grace!

K. Smith


I had just immersed myself into the world of Metaphysics when I was directed to Grace.  During my session I cried and laughed more times than I can count as pieces to a puzzle I had been trying to solve for many years finally started to make a big picture.  The amazing waves of Love energy, even through our first Skype session, felt cathartic and comforting.  It is truly a blessing and honor to experience Osairah’s next level and often hysterical teachings as well as to feel the incredible Divine Feminine Energy that is Mother Mary.

Travis DiFonzo

Los Angeles

I was fortunate enough to be one of the participants in your workshop this past weekend and was in awe of your channeled information – from Osairah. It brought tears to my cheeks – at the very end of it – because, I felt the Love.
Thank you, thank you!   Namaste!

Suzanne C.

Los Angeles

Thank you, Grace, for sharing your wonderful gift with the world!  It seemed almost inconceivable that I could have an actual conversation with Mother Mary, but from the moment she began speaking it was clear that this was the real deal.  I was walking on air for about a week after my session, and I could feel my heart opening throughout the session and in the days following.  I highly recommend that everyone records their sessions, because it’s such a wonderful thing to be able to go back and re-experience that love whenever you need it.  We are truly blessed to have Grace offering such a precious gift to the world!

Elizabeth S.


Grace is amazing, just as her names says, she flows in the energetic universe with ease and Grace offering us a glimpse into the eternal realm that inside we all know is true.  She is able to channel numerous consciousnesses giving you the opportunity to listen and interact with amazing beings such as the Divine Mother Mary.   Experience the energy and be delighted by their presence that will leave you feeling loved and cherished.  Thank you Grace for allowing yourself to be the vessel to communicate these important messages from our eternal sisters and brothers.

Cy Pilkington