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Private Mentoring


Grace offers a limited number of private mentorship spots in her Magnificence and Magic™ Mentorship Program where she will work deeply with you in assisting and accelerating your growth and expansion.

This is a mentorship experience like no other, and a unique opportunity for those who are seeking a mentor and guide. The entire experience is custom tailored and created for each individual and what will uniquely serve their particular journey and soul’s expansion.

Grace brings forth her many gifts, methodologies and tools (as well her multi-dimensional team) to support you. This is powerful life changing commitment intended for those who are truly ready.

 This connection and mentorship space is a potent and sacred alignment of an opportunity to work with Grace and the divine guides one to one that offers transformation on many many levels of ones life. If you know it is your time to truly expand and awaken the areas of your life that are calling you forward to your souls purpose for being alive please reach out with any questions.

Love from Past Mentorship Clients

“The Real Deal!”

Without hesitation, Grace has my highest recommendation on all of her incredible, extraordinary abilities and how she can help you realize yours
Donna Bond

“A lifetime of challenges, questions, as well as deep intuitive feelings and knowings all came to light.”

It is difficult to put into words the depth of love and appreciation I have for Grace and the pure light channel she is.  I mean really, how do I summarize “Life Changing”?! From my first session with her and the divine transmission of Osairah, it felt like coming home.

As a student in Grace’s mentorship program I have had the privilege of working with her one-on-one. She will hold the most authentic, powerful and safe space for you to explore the deepest parts of your self. Your true Self. Grace will fearlessly guide you into places within your own being you long to remember.

It’s like going from living in black and white to technicolor.

The journey of transformation is not for the faint of heart. If you were led to her work, you are ready, no matter what your mind says. If you have found yourself reading this page, I would like to offer you this ….. Yes, yes and YES!  Go for it. Trust. Whether you are considering a channeling session or you feel called to step into one to one mentorship, I believe it will be one of the most powerful experiences of your lifetime. I offer this with my whole heart.

Grace is not only a pure channel, guide and master teacher in my life, she has been like a birth doula for my own “remembering” and rebirthing process. As a mom of three, trust me when I say a birth doula is a guide like no other. Grace is an illuminator of truth. A shining light in the dark.

A healer of healers.  A warrior on the front lines with you while at the same time holding space around you, behind you and underneath you.

Simply put, if you are ready to remember your wings, you are in the right place. You will fly with the angels.

Deep and humble heartfelt bow to you Grace for all you offer and bring to this world.

All my love,


In the year that I worked with Grace, I deepened in my experience of authentic self-expression. What a gift!

Grace models authenticity and leaves nothing on the table. She courageously led me into conversations that, time and again, challenged my willingness to share deeply and honestly. After our work together, I felt more anchored in my wholeness, ready and willing to accept all that I am here to be, do and have.

I especially appreciated the clarity Grace demonstrated as a channel for Osairah, a loving, non-physical entity of intelligence. During virtually every conversation with Osairah, I could viscerally feel my vibration elevate. Truly uplifting!

Thank you, Grace, for enriching my life and for being with me on this journey.

Tracy Poff

A Note From Grace

I created the Magnificence and Magic™ Mentorship Program to work deeply with you in assisting and accelerating your growth and expansion.

What I offer is what I wish I would have had when I was going through the most intense transformation of my life. I wished I had more support in learning how to accept my gifts, in how to allow my self to know it was okay to go through the things I was experiencing — that was changing my whole life.

My paradigm inwardly and outwardly was shifting and though I had some support I really felt alone and that I was missing something. In retrospect I realize I wasn’t missing anything. I was deeply integrating, and it was almost too much for my system. I did reach out to certain people as much as I could, but I did not have a guide in the world like I wanted. I now know that I wasn’t supposed to so that I could remember all of that and when the time was right step into being that guide for others.

The call of awakening your gifts of spirit, of your mission and the purpose for your life is not small and it is not linear. It is a metaphysical, spiritual, soul call that goes in many different directions, sometimes simultaneously.  As such, my mentorship program is not a small thing, nor is it linear in its approach.

Awakening can be a very big deal! It can be very disorienting and very overwhelming. Some people refer to this experience as an “Ascension Shift”.  Some things are the same for people, some things are not. If you are someone who has begun to experience something in your life that is changing you at the soul level, at the core, in your daily life, in ways you don’t quite understand, it would be my honor to have a conversation with you to see if my mentorship program is right for you.

If you have begun to experience the spirit world or have felt you are experiencing a Kundalini awakening, we should talk. There are so many levels of actual experience that can come up for people who are going through an awakening or transformational process that is life altering, paradigm busting! Back when this was happening to me over 10 years ago, it did not seem like people were talking about it in this way but now, it seems like these experiences are happening all the time all over the place.  To me, that is because we really are in a major shift within the collective consciousness of humanity. We are in a spiritual evolutionary jump and people are waking up! So you are not alone.

My experience was pretty extreme and therefore there is not a whole lot that surprises me.  I am called to assist in all the ways I wish I would have had “my mentor” be able to assist me. Everything you are going through is in some way a process of Transformation. And I would say to you I probably have experienced it or something similar. I have found through my own life and working with clients for years that there are very practical and magical ways can step into all that you came into this life for and all that is calling.

If you are already aware of your clairvoyance or are already a practicing Medium, or you are someone who wants to open those channels, or even someone who knows nothing about all this “awakening stuff”,  my deep dive personal connection in mentoring along with Osairah’s benevolent help can really solidify walking in the world and being the spiritual transformation that is calling you. If it feels right to inquire with me about my program please get in touch with me.

I understand, truly. I have lived it. I am living it.

You truly can have someone to walk the journey with, who is there for you in all of it, who has literally walked the path of a radical awakening life, so that you can stand firmly on the foundation of your own souls intention for this life with power, courage, grace, ease, strength, wisdom, discernment, confidence, worthiness and an ability to serve with true love and light.

I know it is possible! Join me on the great transformational journey of initiations your soul is most calling for. I look forward to connecting with you.


Feeling Called to Learn More?

It would be my honor to have a conversation to see if my mentorship program is right for you.