The Golden Temple

Divine Feminine Initiations, Activations and Codes for the Emerging Visionaries of the Golden Age



The Divine Feminine is Rising.

We are hearing this spoken more and more.

So what does this mean?

How do we BE a stand for what we believe and know in our hearts is possible?

How do we usher in and anchor the new energies for ourselves and the collective?

How do we gracefully move through times of transition no matter what “stage” of life we are in?

And, is this even possible?




We are moving beyond the old paradigms of power.

Outdated structures are falling away. Outmoded belief systems are falling away.  

The ways in which power and leadership have been wielded for millennia are at the forefront of minds and conversations.

Many of us a ready for a change.

Everything that is not rooted in love is up for review.

The force of the Divine Feminine in all of her many faces WILL create a New World.

Now, more than ever, women are hearing a call to live differently, to lead differently and to know and embody their empowerment.




This is a Golden Temple of divine feminine consciousness, initiation and embodiment that is practical, grounded and clear. 

This is a deeply sacred template of remembering, being, becoming and anchoring the next-level energetic vibration of living the divine feminine on the planet for this time on planet earth.

There will be wisdom teachings, transmissions, practices, ritual, remembering, codes of light & activation, sacred sound, healings and gems of light that we will integrate in many different ways together in a very immersive, connected, real, intimate, healing and expanded way.

This is an Initiation in The Golden Temple of our hearts – made manifest.

We are hearing and answering a next-level clarion call of the soul.

A clarion call of the Divine Feminine soul

For some of us, this call is screaming to be to be met within.

What has been calling or maybe even screaming to many of us at this time, is something we are truly meant to anchor onto this planet through our bodies, memories, and lives now.

This is the soul of the divine feminine, that runs throughout everything in the material world of form and of course beyond. Matter=Mother.

This is collectively for the changes within us and those massive changes that are upon our planet at this time. 

As a mother, daughter, sister and wisdom code carrier, I have consciously – and also unconsciously -been being initiated my entire life. I have claimed much of this, but now, this is next level for me too. It has taken quite a lot for me to become brave and bold enough to step up to this next piece of my mission. This is just the honest truth.

I knew this was coming and I have been downloading and going within for the better part of the last year to allow myself to become and embody these light codes. 

Together, this is going to be a deep journey. These ancient light codes and memories are within us all.

We all have activation points in our lives. We all have people, places and experiences that are aligned with this lifetime to “plug into”, in order that we ignite the codes that we have lived before and have set up for ourselves for this lifetime. People, experiences and opportunities meet you when you are ready.

This may be one of yours…

Your invitation into The Golden Temple

So I invite you into The Golden Temple, which is an intimate and sacred container online, to continue and expand your walk with the Divine Feminine at the Next Level

To embody these attunements, to truly download this next-level of being, this force of the light of The Mother, to embody the light of life – of the Divine Feminine is:

 to be open
 to receive 
 to learn
 to practice
 to be in devotion
 to live freely
 to empower
 to remember
 to activate
 to surrender
 to offer, share, reflect into the world 
 to BE all the many faces and energies of Her
to then somatically embody and anchor this in your life and upon the earth by being you

Through our weekly online live Golden Temple we will learn, practice, share and receive to take our own individual life forward in the most high way.

These alignments, codes, practices, transformations and honoring will be a real and actual contribution to our own lives and also for the whole of the collective- including Earth herself.

This is an activation and transmission for all…

for us, for our sisters, our brothers, our children, our world….
the future

This is one part of the next evolution jump in to the newest Golden Age

I know this in my bones because I have tried again and again to run away from it. 

We will be in divine connection through channeling the Divine Feminine, mainly Isis and Mother Mary {Osairah will undoubtedly join us too} for specific wisdom teachings and activations.
We will learn sacred practices of protections and clearings that are new to even me
We will incorporate sound, breath, certain foods and light code transmissions that will activate the soul codes of the heart of the divine feminine within us all
Devotion will be a real practice and codes received for our pillars of truth to be anchored
We will share and open the space for clear, real, raw, connected communication/communing

This will be quite a container of light and yet we will re-cognize the shadow as She is necessary too.

The Light is born of the Dark, my friends…

I know. I truly truly KNOW.

And you will learn so much about that too. For we cannot hide or resist the shadow pieces of our selves, for they beg in so many ways to be seen, loved and healed. When we move through these places we truly emerge born again. This has been a huge part of my journey. So, this is a place I am deeply attuned to holding space with.

This is not something I put out lightly. It takes me moving through lifetimes of resistance to get to the point where I surrender- where I have done enough work interiorly to break down the last barriers to lighting myself on fire and stepping up.

I tell you this only so you know how much this means to me. So that if you feel a resonance to this offering you come with your open heart and “all in”.

When I write from my heart the way that I am now, it is not a marketing ploy, it is not using new age lingo because that’s the trend (those of you who have been with me a long time now, know this is the way I speak). It’s because every aspect of my walk in this life has been a continuous initiation as I have said. And I am here to serve. And I surrender. So whomever comes and joins me are the ones I know in my soul are supposed to be in these particular alignments. I am SO excited!

If you would like to join me in this very intimate space of embodying and becoming the next-level of the Divine Feminine walk in your own life — to be the embodiment at a new level for your self, your family, children, partner, business, as well as to the whole of the collective consciousness…..

If you are yearning for the connection to your ancient-future within yourself, that you sense you were born to this body to actualize in a holy/wholly owned way so that you can be, live, do and give that which you are here at this time for…..
then may we “become”, embody and anchor together.

Hi, I’m Grace…

For those of you who are new to my community, welcome.

I imagine if you are on this page and feel drawn to explore or deepen your relationship with the Divine Feminine you may have some questions about who I am and what would make me a suitable guide for this journey. 

I first heard a very particular call over 25 years ago when I lived alone in a little cottage in Topanga Canyon.

I was on a healing journey in my life and I had an experience with Mary Magdalene. She appeared and spoke as a guide to me in clear vision {I am clairvoyant}.

I fell in love with her…

I fell in love with her and the Divine Beloved Union I came to understand about her and Yeshua, what their Divine Design was and how the world would be waking up further in the way of the Divine Feminine in the years to come. I was young and had a path to unfurl.

I was healing and “self helping” for years and years. I married, became a mother of two daughters, continued successfully working in the business of commercials, was always on a spiritual path and then IT happened. The next level crash of breaking open happened. My father was killed in a head on collision on my 6th wedding anniversary. My husband moved out 3 months later. And every possible psychic gift started to barrel down into my life. I was waking up at warp speed.

If I was not a person who didn’t drink or do any drugs for many many years, I might have thought I was having a psychotic break. But I knew I wasn’t.

I was transforming.

My awakening was severe. It took many years to all come together. I had to navigate a lot, to integrate and learn how to hold what it was that was occurring within.

Fast forward to the last year. I had the convergence of another radical undoing (a huge story for another time). I share this because it was all those years of the spirit, soul and heart connections, visions, initiations and guidance that came for me with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Isis the Queen Mother that was preparing me for these times now.

This is a soul lineage of mine as a force of the Divine Feminine. I have been channeling each of them – along with Osairah, a benevolent collective of 12 beings of light for 10+ years now.

I have been working and in service with women since I was 24. Today as I write this I am 50. I share that because I am truly happy for being THIS woman at 50!

Every single thing I have become, let go of, received, transformed, gone through death about, alchemized and birthed is IGNITED within me as a daughter, sister, mother, goddess, priestess, channel, clairvoyant, clairaudient, medicine woman.

I dedicated my life, witnessed by many people, time and time again in sacred declarations and initiations to the Light, to Love, to the Awakening upon the planet.

It is what I do and live every single day.

And, I had to learn HOW to BE this and HOW to BALANCE this. I had to learn how to listen and receive, how to be the focalizer, the transmitter, the activator and catalyzer.

I own all of that within me. No one can take away from me what I know I am WITHIN. My walk has been extraordinary. I know these are somewhat bold statements.

I want you to get a feel for my passion and commitment. This is who I am. I am unafraid to claim my living direct experience as a powerful force for good, for love, for the change and the light that is needed to IGNITE in our world.

I have been working with women very deeply for years in profound processes of healing, clearing, expansion for inner and outer awakening and empowerment.

I have done the work to truly heal massive trauma in my own life with every imaginable therapy and healing modality. I am also a clinical Hypnotherapist.

In my deep diving and intimate work with women, I have encountered that the feminine wounding is literal to this life and very much ancestral. But we can heal and be liberated.

I am living proof. These parts of the divine feminine walk, the dark and shadow, is not lost on me.

I have a sixth sense for these places within and how they can be met for clearing.

What the many faces, love and guidance of the divine feminine has done in my own life is nothing short of miraculous. But it was only when I died to all I had been, and actively walked through the interior initiations that came to my life, which took a specific year of alchemizing that I liberated HER within me. These codes are embodied and activated.

I am now ready to share these initiations with all those who are ready to embrace this kind of alignment and empowerment in their lives.

I hope you will join me.



Included in this experiential course…


There will be 5 LIVE temple sessions over the course of 6 weeks. There will be an integration week after week 3. Calls are video livestream that will take place on Fridays at 11am-12:30pm PST

July 26 – Temple Session 1
August 2 – Temple Session 2
August 9 – Temple Session 3
August 16 – Integration Week (no temple)
August 23 – Temple Session 4
August 30 – Temple Session 5

* All sessions will be recorded. If you cannot attend live, you will receive a recording.


We will be doing a bonus call Friday, July 19 at 11am PST. Those who sign up before Friday will have the opportunity to attend the temple live and will also receive a recording. 

You will receive a private 30 minute channeling within our 5 week time frame. This session is intended to allow you to go deeper and further in the teachings and activations in an intimate and personal container in a way that is personal to you. As a special “perk” to all temple members, you will also be able to book additional sessions at a special rate of $222 (regularly $333). 

Join Us!

PACKAGE 1 – $555
Includes 1 Round – Golden Temple Group Channelings
+ Private Channeling with Grace

PACKAGE 2 – $444 
Includes 1 Round – Golden Temple Group Channelings 

PACKAGE 3 – $1655 
Includes 3 Rounds – Golden Temple Group Channelings 
+ (2) Private Channeling Sessions with Grace
+ A Special Gift Box Curated Especially for you

The bigger picture: By joining this temple session, you are stepping into a living, breathing, growing and expanding temple as it grounds onto the physical plane. We hope as many of you that feel called will stay with the temple, and we have a lower “ongoing” price for returning initiates to continue their journey with us. We will also be hosting periodic in-person initiation sessions, the first will be later this year.