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PLEASE JOIN US!  All are welcome. Grace is currently still holding a wonderful public Group Channeling.  This has been happening every month since 2012 at this location and we would LOVE for YOU to join us!

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Live Group Channeling Event 

Tuesday December 12, 2017 ~ Woodland Hills CA


Book Tickets For The Next Live Event

If you have received an invitation or are interested in attending this powerful group channeling experience please reserve your seat ASAP as there are only so many seats.

Group Channeling transmissions are an amazing experience and have been benefiting people on a monthly basis with practical assistance, transformation and insights. Questions are answered on a group level and the energy and vibration of these benevolent Beings of Light is literally felt, a blessing for all to felt and experience.  A most wonderful and sacred time always ensues! Laughter, wisdom, love teachings, transformations of all kinds are shared and had with like minded community. We have a blast!

Join us by clicking the button below. This event fills to capacity fast, register today.

Thank you and see you there!

Event Details

$35 purchased in advance
$45 purchased at the door

We will be at the sacred Be The Change Energy Center in Woodland Hills, CA.

Event Address :
22030 Clarendon Street, Woodland Hills, 91367

There is free parking in the back parking lot.

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