Channeling Osairah

12 non-physicals offering their insight, gifts,

love and wisdom to humanity

Osairah is the beautiful and loving collective of 12 non-physicals. Recognized as a “Family of Light”, they offer their insight, gifts, love and wisdom to humanity for deep transformation, healing and awakening. They have served and assisted thousands and thousands of people over the years. Many people around the world have a relationship now with Osairah as their guides.

Osairah and Grace have a long held agreement for this time, through many lifetimes. This sacred contract was always coming for Grace to live. She had many actual visions as a child showing her her life as an adult, of which many visions have literally taken place. Though she didn’t know it then it included the mission with Osairah.

Osairah is loving, humorous and intentionally supportive of humanity for these years of massive changes and shifts in consciousness. As they say: “…you are in an evolutionary jump, an expansion in human consciousness and all of life is changing in the third dimension. You are collectively in this transformation NOW, it is not somewhere in the future, you are ushering in the future by your creations in this shift Now. We are intentionally assisting humanity in love, service and connection for the highest, most divine creations possible. We are your future, you are our past.”

Grace Talking About Osairah

Osairah explains more about channeling