About Grace

Shining the Light of Transformation

Grace Cavanaugh is a second generation Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium and Intuitive Psychic. She had an extreme awakening in 2005 immediately after her father was suddenly killed in a head on collision. The shock moved her perception to a new level, and all the psychic gifts she’d had as a child began to awaken. Grace went through and experienced a very steep expansion in consciousness in order to open, learn and balance these new ways of being– all of which led to the creation of Eternal Light Foundation and her life’s work.

Read more about Grace, her journey and her work below.

Opening the Channel

Grace was always a seeker on a spiritual quest and always had what she called Knowing. Even as a child of 5 years she vividly knew she had been on earth before, that she was “here again”. Her younger years were filed with visions and visitors of all kinds. Making sense of this was not a priority, as her childhood was in many ways stressful. Living with all she experienced was a part of life. At age 19 she began her healing and spiritual journey in groups, many different therapy modalities, healing and recovering from a tumultuous and traumatic childhood. Grace’s powerful spiritual awakening was in many ways what many would think of as “supernatural”. But now she likens it to being Super NATURAL!

As she went through a number of years in an intense psychic awakening as an adult she was being shown, tested and taught how to balance the world that we live in and the world of spirit. With one foot in each world while navigating motherhood Grace shared her story and began the blessed journey of becoming an Oracle, Channel, spiritual guide and teacher.

Grace is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, graduating from the internationally acclaimed and accredited HMI College of Hypnotherapy, a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and Certified Guided Imagery Therapist. For the past 36 years, she has been immersed in extensive spiritual practices including Sacred Goddess Temple practice and initiations. Publicly and privately for the past 15 years she is the Channel for Osairah and a Channel of the Divine Feminine.

Working with Grace

The love and light Grace has witnessed though expanded “sight” in her continual personal awakening is a reflection she feels called to shine, share and teach in every direction possible. Grace’s journey of channeling highly benevolent Light Beings, including the Divine Mother and many Masters is her mission, life’s purpose and joy!

Grace sees clients worldwide for private sessions in person and via Skype/Zoom, holds a monthly online group channeling experience as well as an in-person group channeling experience in Los Angeles. She also supports and catalyzes massive transformations for clients who want to go deeper via her Intuitive Expansion and Channeling Workshops and her deep dive mentorship program called Magnificence & Magic™.