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Shining the Light of Transformation

Grace Cavanaugh is a second generation Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium and Intuitive Psychic. She had an extreme awakening in 2005 immediately after her father was suddenly killed in a head on collision. The shock moved her perception to a new level, and all the psychic gifts she’d had as a child began to awaken. Grace went through and experienced a very steep expansion in consciousness in order to open, learn and balance these new ways of being– all of which led to the creation of Eternal Light Foundation and her life’s work.

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Grace is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, graduating from the internationally acclaimed and accredited HMI College of Hypnotherapy, a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and Certified Guided Imagery Therapist. Publicly and privately for the past 11 years she is the Channel for Osairah with extensive spiritual practices for the past 25+ years, including Sacred Goddess Temple practice and initiations.

Grace was always a seeker on a spiritual quest and always had what she called Knowing. Even as a child of 5 years she vividly knew she had been on earth before, that she was “here again”. Her younger years were filed with visions and visitors of all kinds. Making sense of this was not a priority as her childhood was in many ways stressful. She just lived with all that came, it was a part of life. She spent many years beginning at age 19 in healing experiences and groups, different therapy modalities, healing and recovering from a tumultuous and traumatic childhood. Grace’s powerful spiritual awakening was in many ways what many would think of as “supernatural”. But now she likens it to being Super NATURAL!

As she went through a number of years in an intense psychic awakening as an adult she was being shown, tested and taught how to balance the world that we live in and the world of spirit. With one foot in each world while navigating motherhood Grace shared her story and began the blessed journey of becoming an Oracle, Channel, spirtual guide and teacher.

Grace sees clients world wide for private sessions in person and via Skype/Zoom, she teaches Intuitive Expansion and Channeling Workshops, holds a monthly public group channeling for over 6 years in Los Angeles and has a deep dive mentorship program called Magnificence & Magic™.

In 2017 she begins the newest creation and collaborations of sacred retreats around the world. The love and light she has witnessed though expanded “sight” in her continual personal awakening is a reflection she feels called to shine, share and teach in every direction possible. Grace’s journey of channeling highly benevolent Light Beings, including the Divine Mother and many Masters is her mission, life’s purpose and joy!


As a child I remember looking around out into the world and seeing Light in everything everywhere. 

A kind of vibrating Light Energy that seemed different and truly vibrating, it was specific. I could see it. 

I had a constant feeling within me; I knew I was still connected, I knew I was part of everything. That everything was connected to that Source of Light. 

I remember being 5 years old and knowing I had been here on Earth before. That I was here again. I remember the place I was standing and the feeling that came over me when I had the awareness consciously that “I am here again!” It was not charged one way or the other. More like a fact.

I also had a running thought that was with me from the time of being a very small child. Starting around the age of seven I became very aware of having a thought that I needed to keep remembering to remember something. It almost bothered me in a nagging kind of way. I needed to remember to remember something. Ultimately it was to Remember that I was connected to that Light.

That I was that Light. That I was here for a reason. To not forget. To not let that feeling go, to keep the connection. Over and over I had the Knowing that:  I was that Light. Now I understand WE are ALL that Light.

Now after years of living an ordinary and even an extraordinary adventurous spiritually seeking life of a mystic and mother, I have come to know why I saw the Light the way that I did as a child. I was always psychic and had what I called Knowing. 

But there was a time when I shut it all down out of fear of being so different and not knowing what to do with my experiences. My road was often fraught with fear and insecurity and constant confusion by my mind, to keep me away from my higher self and my true essence.

My father was suddenly killed.  From that time forward I had a change in perception that altered my life radically.  My intuition grew even stronger and over time my abilities started to “happen to me” (now I know it was happening FOR me). Sometimes slowly, sometimes too quickly.  Visions, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, ‘paranormal experiences’ as is the term being used these days was my experience.  I was put on a path to wake up and accept my gifts.  I had a fast and steep learning curve of things that I sometimes absolutely did not want to see or know about.  And many amazing beautiful synchronistic experiences that told me to keep on.  I did begin to understand in time that this was always calling me and though I had no one at first to help me I sought teachers and guides both in the this world and in the invisible that assisted in me becoming all that I am meant to be. 

Though this is in no way a finished experience.  I am constantly still learning and growing. My journey over the last 13 years, specifically in publicly sharing my lifelong spiritual walk has been nothing short of  amazing. I have channeled for thousands of people both privately and in groups, via online and in person. I teach everything I have learned in workshops so that each person can connect the unified field of  consciousness and the collective consciousness of creation as love and light to affect our future in the highest ways for good. 

We are living in incredible times. Often referred to as The Golden Age by many Ascended Masters. It is a time of evolution and awakening. It is the time of the Divine Feminine in all her many faces to fully rise and be in the reclaimation of herself and this world. In my mid twenties I had an incredible encounter with the consciousness of Mary Magdelene and Mother Mary. They both showed me visions of the future, for women and my future. The ways of service I would be a conduit and place for them to be received. At that time in the mid nineties I did not know what to do with this. But I had deep deep reserves of trust and believed my path would reveal itself. I continued along the journey of living and doing the things that I felt to do in the world. Everthing, every single thing led me to the time in 2005 when the extremity of my life course change began.  I was mother to two little girls, I lost my dad suddenly, my husband and I seperated three months later and I was going through the greatest spiritual crisis and awakening to date. I was 37 years old and my entire life inside and outside was altering. My cells were altering and rewiring. My friends and groups and work were altering. I hung on for dear life at times. The ego deaths and dark night of the soul were places and times that I navigated alone alot of the time. The “shadow work”  and healing was fertile soil for my transformations and ultimately taught me through direct experience both the dark and the light ways of evolving as spirit embodied. At that time people were not talking “awakening” like they do today. Today Oprah and so many others have made “awakening” a household word.  And thankfully, so that we can step into a new world collectively. Yet what it means actually to every individual is different, when the shift comes. I am here to share this at any level I can so that people who truly are in a complete paradigm shift know they are not crazy, which is something I hear almost every day. We can align and navigate these expansions, we can come to be of service in our own ways.

I am in full service to the mission of these times. For I know I am to be a channel and a conduit, an activator and worldbridger….an ambassador of sorts for the highest healing, highest good, highest living, highest transcendance, highest Love and the Most High Light ~ it is my greatest pleasure and my greatest gift to share. I do this in too many different ways to count, and this will continue to grow for me too!

The transformation and awakening that has occurred within has led my life to be a voice of evolution, transformation and empowerment. I am honored and humbled and I deeply bow to the Divine in all service of this purposefull living, knowing as I say quite regualrly… this is ongoing….I am always growing and continually open to my own greatest next levels of expansions of consciousness and being a better human. May I serve Mother Earth and All Beings for having chosen and lived this life! 

Join me and so many others on the Golden Path of the Golden Age we are creating in Unity. 

With All Love and All Light,



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