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About Grace

It is my greatest hope to bring forward not only my own abilities of connection to other realms but also connection for all like minded individuals to have a “check-in” resource by creating an exponentially growing forum and foundation of Light Beings on the planet today! Connection to each other is liberating. It is creating our future. Unity is the true paradigm of the emerging consciousness now.  Remembering our own Eternal Light is a Key.  Surrounding our lives and thoughts with those who are awakening to this Key is fundamental in it growing in ourselves…

Client Love

Grace has been my go to person when I really needed a higher perspective.

Grace has been my go to person when I really needed a higher perspective. My sessions with Grace channeling have been like a dream come true to have a connection with a love and a light that brings a sense of peace and redirects my purpose to serve with humility and commitment. From every session I have had with Grace, I have received a transmission of a vibrational teaching from a realm that feels so familiar and piece by piece, I am remembering. If you feel the call to work Grace, I recommend that you listen to yourself. I’m so glad that I did!

-Rochelle Schieck |

Truly a blessing to know you & Osairah! Big love to you both!

Working with Grace has served me greatly with my path of awakening. Our planet is waking up very quickly. There is so much out there.  When you are going through this or any significant change, life can become confusing and overloading. Osairah has become my go to for clarity & clear answers.  They help shed light exactly where it’s needed most. Words can’t describe how valuable Grace & Osairah has been in directing me to all the answers & goodness I need most.  I have been able to show up and better serve professionally & personally thanks to them.  Thank you Grace for sharing you gift and thank you Osairah for being with us during this great shift!

-Maleya |

I do not know where I would be without the guidance and healing I received.

Grace is a gift to this world. Her channelings with Osairah and Mother Mary have profoundly impacted my life for the better. I do not know where I would be without the guidance and healing I received from Osairah ~ particularly in the months I met with Grace prior to launching my business! Grace’s sessions remind me why I’m here on Earth. They are a priceless treasure and I recommend her services to anyone ready to remember the essence of who they are.

-Madeline Giles |