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I am often asked by my clients and loved ones about the techniques I use to keep my energy clear. In this video I share my own techniques in addition to talking about why this is so crucial. If you are interested to go deeper, I have recorded a channeled messaged with Osairah sharing their wisdom about the topic. You can download that recording below. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.




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Shining The Light of Transformation

Grace Cavanaugh is a second generation Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium and Intuitive Psychic. 

Osairah, a Family of Light — a collective of 12 non-physical consciousnesses — have assisted people all over the world for the past 9 years in awakening their spiritual growth, healing, life purpose and expansion on every imaginable level. With inspiration, insight, love, laughter, joy & information of all kinds Osairah offers benevolent wisdom. Through language, energetics, frequencies, sound and codes transmitted through Grace Cavanaugh, they continue their pledge to assist & awaken the expansion in individuals and groups through their transmissions and direct connection with love, light and truth in the most sacred ways. Their Golden essence is an extrememly high vibration and it is their chief mission to assist humanity as we usher in a new world in this Golden Age of Awakening.